How Much Do You Need for Retirement

How much do you really need for retirement? 1 Million? 2 Million? Learn how to compute for your retirement fund. … More How Much Do You Need for Retirement


Your Only Chance!

Have you watched the movie “A Second Chance”. No, I’m not going to give it a review. 🙂 It’s just that it was so hit that almost everybody can still remember it for the next decade. For the benefit of those who didn’t watched the movie, the couple Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz get … More Your Only Chance!

FREE 5-Day Financial Workshop

We at the IMG-Wealth Academy are excited to offer a FREE 5-day Financial Workshop.

This workshop offers the following curriculum:
Day 1: How to manage your debt and increase your cash flow
Day 2: Building a strong financial foundation
Day 3: Building Wealth and asset accumulation
Day 4: Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation
Day 5: Building a business in the Financial industry (optional if you are interested to be in the business) … More FREE 5-Day Financial Workshop

Investing 101: Mutual Funds

Many years ago, Filipinos were just investing in time deposit accounts. It gives reasonable return back then. So saving is very encouraging because your money will grow without risk.

But today, savings account will only give you an interest of about 1%. Of course, it will be taxed, that gives you a lesser return.

Investing in this kind of vehicle is more risky than investing in a much more volatile ones. Thus, we are here to introduce you to a more exciting way of reaching your financial goals. … More Investing 101: Mutual Funds