10 Membership Benefits of IMG

In the financial industry, we are the first to have this kind of platform. By the sheer size of our organization, financial products and big players are coming in to give us the best offer. … More 10 Membership Benefits of IMG


FREE 5-Day Financial Workshop

We at the IMG-Wealth Academy are excited to offer a FREE 5-day Financial Workshop.

This workshop offers the following curriculum:
Day 1: How to manage your debt and increase your cash flow
Day 2: Building a strong financial foundation
Day 3: Building Wealth and asset accumulation
Day 4: Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation
Day 5: Building a business in the Financial industry (optional if you are interested to be in the business) … More FREE 5-Day Financial Workshop

IMG-Wealth Academy: Education, Entrepreneurship and Investing.

If you have been studying finances for quite a while now or longing for mentors and a community to interact with on a regular basis, then IMG-Wealth Academy is for you. True, that you can learn a lot on the internet nowadays. But there are things that you can’t learn online. We still need to … More IMG-Wealth Academy: Education, Entrepreneurship and Investing.

Enemies of Wealth

These are the things you have to consider when you are still in the stage of your life, wherein, you are less secured, little to no savings and with high responsibility. If you’ve missed the article about the X-Curve concept, you might want to check it first. Enemies of wealth are the things you need … More Enemies of Wealth