Getting Started As A Stock Market Investor

It was many years ago that I started to have an interest in the stock market. What triggered my interest was after watching a business news on TV, I saw numbers going up and down, colors red and green. At first, I was dazzled by information but the more I looked at it, the more it makes sense to me.

Until then, I told myself that I want to become a stock market investor.

But I forgot about it for 5 years. Fast forward, I was asked again in one of our company training. What do you want to do that would really make you happy?

There I realize, I have to fulfill my dreams including that of becoming a stock market investor.

On Sept. 26, 2014, I decided to take action and started buying books. I stumbled on a book that’s really familiar to me. Written by an author whom I respected and taught me how to save and prepare for retirement many years before, his name is Bo Sanchez with his book “My Maid Invest in the Stock Market, and Why You Should Too”.

After that, I joined the Truly Rich Club. This club taught me the basics in fundamentals of companies that they are investing in. They also teach entrepreneurship, personal finance, and the mindset of the rich people. All of which is important as you journey towards financial freedom.

The Truly Rich Club has helped me a lot and anything that I am right now when it comes to personal finance, my drive in growing my businesses and investing in the stock market, I owe it all to this club.

Not only that, it helped to grow my relationship with God. The Truly Rich Club helped me get closer to Jesus. It helped me to grow my relationships to people, become more generous to people who needed help and most of all it gives me the reason why am I doing all these things, which is to love.

See miracles unfold in your life. Join the Truly Rich Club.

PS. We are also conducting a Personal Finance Seminar. Learn how to Build Your Future. Register here.


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