10 Membership Benefits of IMG

On every membership we enjoy some perks, freebies and discounts. That’s the reason why, it is so prevalent in the market today. It’s up to the consumer to discern which is better for them and what’s relevant to their lifestyle, habit or interest.

Example of these are S&R, SM Advantage, Bench and many small groups creating membership to create a market and get perks.

In the financial industry, we are the first to have this kind of platform. By the sheer size of our organization, financial products and big players are coming in to give us the best offer.

Here’s the 10 Membership benefits that we enjoy by being part of International Marketing Group. You will enjoy these benefits too if you decided to be a part of us.


Let me explain in further details.

Benefit #1 – Financial Education Workshop

Just like in an academic school, they help students to be successful in life by teaching them the basics of everything – math, science, english that would eventually give them a better career and help them earn a living.


In our wealth academy, we do the same thing. We teach people about finances and give them hope that there are ways to make them a fortune. We have workshops and series of talks to give them the mindset, skills and strategies to help them along the way.

Benefit #2 – Financial Check-up

If you have sickness, you go to a doctor for a medical check-up. In IMG, we enjoy an unlimited advice and financial check-up from our mentors to make sure that we stay on track with our goals.

Investing is a mind game, some give up due to stress and lack of inspiration. But if you have mentors who will guide you and people who will constantly remind you of your commitment, you will endure and thrive.

Benefit #3 – Discounts and Access to Major Real Estate Companies

If you are planning to buy a house anyway, why not bypass the middleman and be your own agent. In that way, you will earn discounts on every real estate you will buy from Ayala Land, SMDC, Vista Land and DMCI.


Benefit #4 – Discount on Asset Preservation Services

Set up a corporation that will handle the preservation, transfer or sale of your assets, minus the hassle of doing it on your own and paying for costly attorney’s fees.

Through IMG, you will have access on services that would not cost much anymore. Setting up a corporation would go around Php 100,000 but if you are a member of International Marketing Group you would get the service for only Php 18,000. That’s big discount!

Benefit #5 – Save Money on Car/Home/ Non-life Insurance

One major disaster on any of your properties could make a big impact on your finances. That’s why we need insurance on these things. What better way to do is to have discounts on these insurance so that you stay protected and save some money to invest on other things.

Benefit #6 – Discounts and Access to Healthcare Products and Services

We all need to be protected especially in our health. One major illness could send your finances into crumbles. In IMG, we get to have direct access in Short-Term Healthcare, Long Term Healthcare, Senior Care and many more.

Better thing is, you get it at a better rate compared if you have an agent or if you get it as an individual.2016-03-21 01.40.37

Benefit #7 – Discounts on Investing in Mutual Fund Companies

If you are investing already or planning to, you will enjoy the benefit of not having charged extra by investing your money. In IMG, by the sheer size of it, financial companies are partnering with us giving us perks that you won’t get if you invest on your own.


We enjoy a “NO Sales Load/ Entry Fee” every time we invest in mutual fund companies. That’s 2 – 3% off every time you put money in your portfolio. Imagine if you are doing cost averaging method. How much money you will save by taking those extra fees off.

Benefit #8 – Access to Lower Premium Rate in Life Insurance

This is one of my favorite benefit in IMG. Why pay companies Php 30,000 a year for a Php 1M coverage, if you could pay Php 3,500/year for the same amount of coverage.


The reason why we get it so low is because of our numbers and our strategy is to put it on a Group Life Insurance. Just note that we use a Buy Term, Invest the Difference strategy to get the same amount of result that those companies offer.

Benefit #9 – Build a Business in Financial Industry

If you feel the need to have an additional income, you can be a business partner and make it big in the financial industry. This is optional you don’t have to be a business partner to get the rest of the benefits.

But I assure you, earning while helping families have better finances is a good business to be in. Plus, it would be easier for you to reach your financial goals.


Benefit #10 – Opportunity to Travel the World

By doing the business of  IMG you will get the opportunity to travel the world. Eligibility depends on your performance .

Is there any company who would reward you for working so hard?

If you are interested in any of these benefits, please check the list below and leave your contact details.

Are you interested in any of these benefits?

Attend our membership orientation, register here. 

PS. We are advocating Financial Literacy, teaching people around the world how to achieve their financial goals. Get financial coaching and join a community that encourage saving and investing. Attend our FREE Personal Finance Seminar. Register here.

PS2. Do you want to gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the same time? Join the Truly Rich Club.


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