Investing in Long-Term Healthcare

Many people are not aware of this new type of investment.When people talked about investment they usually think of Stocks, Real Estate, Business, Mutual Funds, etc.

Investing in your Long Term Healthcare is just one of the most needed in building your financial foundation. Because one health crisis may get you back to poverty especially in your retirement years.

Imagine, solely relying on your PhilHealth and SSS during your retirement. Where would that take you if you have dreaded diseases and don’t have a monthly income already.

Introducing the first in its industry – Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder (Long Term Care). 

This healthcare is designed to be used during your golden years – retirement.

A few years ago, I used to think of my future. I used to worry about what would happen if I lived too long. After all my grandparents lived a 100. So I expect to live the same or more.

With that in mind, I realize that it is almost impossible to save up now to use for my retirement. Considering inflation and many other factors such as emergencies.

Saving is good and can actually save your future. But still, it is not enough to sustain your needs. You need a vehicle to accelerate its growth or hedge it from external factors.

Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is an investment vehicle that supports specifically your medical needs. It is a Healthcare with Life Insurance attached and grows like an investment in mutual funds.

Let me explain further in details:

Healthcare Benefits

  • Free Annual Physical Examination
  • Dental Benefits
  • Basic Medical Benefits
  • Long Term Care Benefit (amount vary depends on your Kaiser plan)
  • Member’s Choice of Room and Board (amount vary depends on your Kaiser plan)
  • Annual Benefit Limit (amount vary depends on your Kaiser plan)
  • Yearly Health Bonus (amount vary depends on your Kaiser plan)
  • Yearly Health Benefit (10% of your Kaiser Plan)
  • Lifetime Network Access to over 500 hospitals and over  1,000 doctors as long as you have funds

Insurance Benefits

  • Life Insurance from accumulation period to 20th year (amount vary depends on your Kaiser plan)
  • Waiver of Installment due to death and/or disability (plan payment will be waived if plan holder dies during accumulation period)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment from accumulation until the 20th year.

For the investment benefit of Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder, the Yearly Health Benefit and Yearly Health Bonus which is a pre-computed amount of your plan will be accumulated if it is unused plus with 7 – 10% annual compounding rate.

It is applicable when you reached the extended period of your plan. Extended period is from the 8th year to 20th year. So that’s 13 years of compounding interest and accumulation of benefits and bonuses.

Here’s a sample computation

This plan is K-100 with a Long-Term Care Benefit of Php 100,000. It has a total contract price of Php 411, 750.

Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is payable in 7 years (accumulation period). You can pay on spot cash, annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly.  (Note: The higher the paying mode is, the bigger discount you will get).

Kaiser Pic 2

This investment vehicle is best if you use it for your retirement years. If you have short-term healthcare with you then it is best if you use it instead of using your Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder.

Also, one of its best benefit is that, Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is TAX FREE. Yes, you’re seeing that right. Because it is getting taxed when the company holding your money grows it. So it is not passed to the policy holder.

Overall, it is very beneficial for your retirement. It’s like a 3 in 1 coffee, it solves your healthcare needs, it protects your family from untimely demise, and could take care of you when you grow old.

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