Your Only Chance!

Have you watched the movie “A Second Chance”.

No, I’m not going to give it a review. 🙂

It’s just that it was so hit that almost everybody can still remember it for the next decade.

For the benefit of those who didn’t watched the movie, the couple Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz get married in this movie. They started a company, they wanted to live a happy life. Build their own home, have kids and almost all that everybody do in the Philippines when they  get married.

But what I really wanted to point out here is that, when Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) started his own company, it was doing well. Until he faced challenges and later on get into debt.

He got into debt because he wanted to fund a research for his future projects. Also, he had a problem with his people resulting to catastrophes that he needed to payback his clients just to save the brand of his company. The debt was amounting in total of Php 80 million.

It was the start of a hellish relationship with his wife.

You know, when you get married. Not only assets gets conjugal so as debts. So it’s normal to have the kind of reaction when you get into a Php 80 million debt.

One of the leading cause of divorce in many countries is due to their finance.

Couples don’t like to talk about money because it might spark an argument. Then will go as far as a brutal verbal fight. And what sometimes happen, they just hide it under the rag to reconcile. Instead of planning not to fight again when it comes to money, they figure that it’s better to just keep it themselves.

Do this over and over again. And one day you will realize that you could have just saved your relationship by solving it today.

Many people believed that once they married their One True Love they can survive whatever comes their way. But this complacent thinking leads them to a disastrous relationship.

I’m seeing this scenario with my friends. In almost all of their relationships, it’s always ruined in a certain aspect – financially.

Yes, it’s a good feeling to marry your One True Love.

But, loving someone takes more than just a mere feeling of happiness when you are together. It takes a lot of responsibility. Including money. Money to feed your family, to keep them sheltered and take them to a healthy environment.

It’s not easy but as long as you know how to do it. You’ll be in charge with your future. And no more hellish fights. That’s living happily ever after.

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