FREE 5-Day Financial Workshop


We at the IMG-Wealth Academy are excited to offer a FREE 5-day Financial Workshop.

This workshop offers the following curriculum:
Day 1: How to manage your debt and increase your cash flow
Day 2: Building a strong financial foundation
Day 3: Building Wealth and asset accumulation
Day 4: Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation
Day 5: Building a business in the Financial industry (optional if you are interested to be in the business)

Before you can avail this FREE workshop, you need to attend our “Building Your Future” talk. There you will know what IMG-Wealth Academy is all about.

Also, you are going to need some materials to cope up with the discussions. We are requiring our attendees to have workbooks, to have a guide for the entire workshop.

Cost of Workbook: Php 400 for non-members.


You can use this workbook as a reference to track your finances, that is why it is so important.

To have a more comprehensive training, we recommend that you also purchase our Saving your future book, so that you can review at home, and get back on topics that you want to fully understand. This is optional. You will learn the basics written in the book by attending the workshop, so if you think that taking down notes will do, it is fine not to avail the book. (HINT: It is really a good book, still better to have one :))

Take advantage of this FREE workshop and change your financial life!

If you are buried in debt, problematic about the future, no certain career, want to get out of employment and planning for your children’s education and retirement.. Then, IMG-Wealth Academy can help you.

Let me quote something from Bill Gates, “If you are born poor, it’s not your fault. But if you die poor, it’s your fault.”

PS. We are advocating Financial Literacy, teaching people around the world how to achieve their financial goals. Our goal is to help 1 million families to be financially educated by year 2020. Attend our FREE Personal Finance Seminar to learn and be part of that advocacy. Register here.

PS2. Do you want to gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the same time? Join the Truly Rich Club.



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