3 Things Leaders Must Do

We often see a lot of irate posts and comments on social media from our friends and relatives about their job, our traffic and most often than not are about their bosses.

Being a leader is not about being in a top position. In fact, we are all leaders. We are our own leaders of, our lives, our family and our community, that makes us accountable in everything that happens in our daily lives.

You can make a difference even when your boss seems not to listen to your ideas, takes credit of your accomplishments or yells at you for no better reason. Here’s a tip on how to become a better leader and get the respect you need from your people.

Be A Role Model

Influence the people around you. Your boss, your colleagues and your subordinates. It doesn’t matter where you are in the ladder. What matters most is that you are giving value by leading people into the right direction.

Project an image where people will respect you for who you are and what you can do to make a difference in your circle.

Becoming a role model is as simple as it is described. But this is where most people fail. People will tend to believe in a person who lives what he wanted to do in life.

I am a leader in my professional career. I have almost a decade of leadership, but I am nowhere to perfection. In fact, I recognize my flaws. Earlier in my career, I used intimidation to make my co-workers obey me. As a result, a chaos of negative feelings ensued. Some had it hard but never dared to raise their concern because they were too terrified by my presence alone. Worse is that, other managers used my name to give a terrorizing atmosphere to get them to do serious work.

You might get your result as needed, the soonest, but you never inspired them to be like you.

Over the years, I’ve learned my lesson well. From then on, I let my actions speak what I wanted to be duplicated.

Build More Leaders

Leaders create more leaders., as they say. It is true. It’s not because you wanted to climb the corporate ladder but instead you increased other people’s value and that is what makes you a great leader.

Inspiring people instead of motivating them will most likely create leaders. Motivation fades while inspiration lasts.

One of the most important asset of the business is people. If all the people think the same, have the same sense of ownership, the business will prosper. Building leaders will give the company stability and will have more room to improve other concerns like marketing, improving the system and building relationship with the customers. I had this realization since I did businesses aside from my full time job. People could either bring you success or failure.

Believe In Your People Before They Succeed

Believing in your people even in times of their struggles will have a big impact on their career. It gives them significance.

Be it in training, learning a new process or in developing their leadership skills. Their confidence will give them an extraordinary boost to do things that they haven’t done before.

Earlier in my career, I had mentors. Leaders who was rude and unforgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against them. On the contrary, I thanked them. They taught me well. They taught me to be tough, they taught me of things that I shouldn’t do with my own people. I also had mentors who inspired me and believed in me. They set a great standard and shared the vision of success.

Leading a team is tough. There are times that even if you think you’ve done everything, they will still continue under performing. Even if you share them your vision, they will still continue to ignore it. But you have to keep believing in them. There are things that you will learn along the way by just believing in your people. Get to know the in-depth reason why your people is behaving in such a way. In that case, you can adjust the sails of your boat.

In essence, leadership is all about character. Strengthening you’re core values would really help you become a great leader.


Let me have your thoughts. Leave you comment below.

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