Enemies of Wealth

These are the things you have to consider when you are still in the stage of your life, wherein, you are less secured, little to no savings and with high responsibility.

If you’ve missed the article about the X-Curve concept, you might want to check it first.

Enemies of wealth are the things you need to factor in to ensure that you don’t lose in the money game. It’s all about percentage of your money, how much it grows and how much of something takes away from your hard earned money.


Inflation is the rate of which the currency loses it purchasing power over time. Looking back at the times, our parents used to tell their story that they can buy a whole meal for a few pesos. Then, they would try to compare our current cost of living to theirs, which makes us think that – it’s really good to live in a time like theirs but earn in our present standard.

But that’s not going to happen, so forget about it. What we can really do, is that we can anticipate the rise of general prices by setting a percentage yearly allocated for inflation.

In the Philippines, our current inflation rate is 4 -6%. Sometimes it’s lower according to news, but it’s to safer to set it at this level so that we can have a buffer just in case it rises beyond this.

With this in mind, whenever we save ,we have to ensure that the interest rate of which where we put our money should beat inflation.

Central banks controls inflation and other economic factors to ensure that the country will run smoothly. This is out of our control as normal citizens but we have to make to sure that we are wise enough to know where we could make our money grow faster.


We don’t discourage people to pay taxes, in fact, we liked to pay taxes as part of our social responsibility and to make our country progressive. But, having little to no knowledge when it comes to taxation would cost a real damage in your business and personal finance.

Tax is a really a big building block that would challenge us to be wealthy. Most of high earning employees, take a big hit every pay day because of our tax system. Thus, knowing where to put your money will give you a big advantage over the others.

We are not getting taxed with the same percentage. There are different percentage depending on our source of income. Employee is getting taxed at the highest level.


This is the most expensive thing you will ever face. Let me quote Robert Kiyosaki – “The main cause of poverty or financial struggle is fear and ignorance, not the economy or the government or the rich.”

When we stop searching for more answers, we get stagnated. Once we get to the point where nothing happens we don’t have anywhere to go but down, unless we change our beliefs and learn new ideas, that’s where we will succeed.

The more you know and the higher your financial IQ, the higher your chance in succeeding of becoming financially independent.

Let me give you a fact, most people are still struggling having to know all these. With all the knowledge they have, with all the efforts in executing, they still struggle. Why? Because it’s a real battle, there are a lot of people who will try to get your money as much as they can, and if you are ignorant, the more you will fall to these preys.

These are just some basic concept to help you get started, but not enough to get you where you want to go financially.

As a Financial Educator, I always advise to invest in your education. Educate and execute at the same time. Never stop learning. Be your own money manager. Find mentors and a trustworthy community where they will not take advantage of your lack of financial education.


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